House Church


simple by Design


a glimpse into New Testament church life


meeting together in the homes of believers


meeting every *Lord's Day to joyfully eat the Lord's Supper (an evening meal which includes the 'one bread/loaf and the cup')

*(not related to the idea of a religious 'rest day')


participatory meetings for the mutual building up of the body


children are present


new believers are immediately baptised as a testimony to their new position


elders (= pastors/shepherds = overseers/bishops) are ordinary brothers recognised from within, with no hierarchical authority or title, and do not receive a salary from the church


no tithing!


giving to needy believers and to itinerant apostles, evangelists and pastor-teachers


men and women are equal, but their roles and responsibilities differ


collective decision-making by all the brothers


led by the Holy Spirit, to the glory of the Head - Jesus Christ



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